Being a student at Larraona is first and foremost a great life experience.  You will remember your years here forever. We want to support you in the process so you can ensure that this great experience is formed by thousands of other small ones that leave their mark on you. But, always, with freedom. You decide. Because you should be the protagonist.



Ecology workshop in the orchards of Aranzadi, Arti History workshop, volunteering with people with intellectual disabilities, visits to nursing homes for the elderly, film series, debates....Each year we arrange a plethora of activities! We introduce you to some of them, although they evolve each year.

We are open to any student suggesting and preparing their own initiative. You can bring a special guest, collaborate in organising the activities and even belong to the Student Council; a group of students that represent the others. So, they are activities designed by students for students. You decide!

Ecology Workshop

Do you know everything there is to know about ecology and the environment? Surprise yourself and discover more about this topic in this workshop which includes visits to different natural spaces in Navarre, such as Eugui, Fitero or las Bardenas Reales.

Development Aid Workshop

Solidarity shouldn’t have borders. We help you to discover how you can help those who need it and live far away from us.

Volunteering in the prison

Once a month, we visit prisoners at the prison in Pamplona and play a football match with them. Had you imagined volunteering like this? We have spent more than 50 years doing this activity and each year we are keen to do it again. Are you coming?


We have a Faith Group which, led by our chaplain, meets each week to celebrate, pray and reflect on the Word and the Christian message. Each Sunday we hold a mass in the chapel and organise different meetings that help us to experience faith in the community and more intensely: partnerships, visits to pilgrimage sites or places of worship, and more.


Each month someone brings a special guest and we talk with them about a topic of interest. Immigration policy? Astrophysics? Fake news? All of this is accompanied by your friends and with a beer in hand. What better way to learn and have a great time?

Representatives from all political parties have passed through our university residence, as well as people from various organisations, centres of education and research, and personalities from the sports, cultural, political, economic and social sphere.

Who are you going to bring?



Inter-corridor Tournament

At Larraona, we hold our own “Olympic Games”, adapted to the sports and activities that we enjoy. Indoor football, ping-pong, chess, basketball, mus, poker, FIFA... We compete by corridors, who win points each time a student wins in one of these disciplines. And there is a prize! Both for the winning corridor and the winners of each category. A great way of building a team.

Photography Competition

If you like to be behind the camera, don’t hesitate to take part in our annual photography competition. Pink sunsets, the university campus in autumn, the reflection of light over rainwater... Pamplona and its surroundings take care of bring you magical moments, you just need to make sure you capture them.

Story competition

Bring out the writer you have inside you and dare to write a short story. A short story, an anecdote. One of those stories that captures the reader’s attention from the first sentence, and where there are no spare words. A story full of emotions, humanity, truth. A story that we can see ourselves reflected in. Or no? Surprise us and compete for the prize


And much, much more

Wine tasting, Theatre Group, Film Forum, English Leisure, Arting



Start of the year

We start the academic year as we mean to go on. We welcome you a few days before the first day of class, and we spend these days getting to know each other better and ensuring you feel welcome in your new city and your new home.

Claret Day

On October 24th, we celebrate the day of Saint Anthony Mary Claret, the founder of the Claretian Missionaries. We hold a Eucharist and get together around the table to enjoy a special banquet.


We have our traditional Christmas dinner. An evening full of fun and excitement, which sweetens the exam period and enables us to remember and give thanks for the experiences of the year that is coming to an end.

Javieradas pilgrimage

We have until March to get ready for the “javierada”, a popular pilgrimage that the people of Navarre go on to the Castle of Javier. There the missionary, Saint Francis Xavier, patron saint of the Autonomous Community was born and lived.

estudiantes vestidos de gala para el día de becas del colegio mayor

Scholarship Day

A day of tributes to you, where we remember the activities carried out throughout the year, we attend a Keynote Speech and the End of Degree Scholarship and Grant Ceremony.

We tell you and our own students tell you too......
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